October is Fire Safety Month

A group of children standing in front of a fire truck.

Students at Houlton Elementary School had some time to meet and ask questions of our St. Joseph Fire Department. Of course, the best part of these visits is getting to have a seat in the fire truck!

October is National Fire Prevention Month. We are all reminded to check our home fire alarm systems.

North Hudson 5th Grade – Into the Woods

North Hudson students outside as a group.

Every year, each elementary school fifth-grade class spends several days at an environmental education camp. Our North Hudson fifth-grade enjoyed their experience at Camp Sandstone. This overnight experience, paired with the outdoor activities, serves to build knowledge, social-emotional skills and confidence for these older elementary children before their transition to middle school. 

Outdoor learning provides a unique opportunity to explore multiple subjects through hands-on, real-world activities. These activities make science, math, language arts and history fun. The children can see how social, ecological, economic and cultural issues are interconnected. 

Socially, the activities promote building citizenship and leadership skills. The children are challenged to share their knowledge and skills as they work in teams. Whether it is completing a ropes course together or building a fire, the children learn the importance of relying on each other for support and giving support to others. 


North Hudson First Grade Visit the Past

A group of children sitting at wooden desk in one room school.

North Hudson Elementary School first grade students recently visited the Heritage Center in New Richmond. They compared their school to a one room school, learned how a blacksmith worked with metal, saw the Ubet general store, and learned how to navigate a world without technology. What a great way to make learning fun and how fortunate we are to have this area resource!

Willow River Tower Garden

Two students and a teacher assemble a tower garden.

Willow River Elementary recently installed a Tower Garden in Ms. Weiland’s 4th grade classroom. A Tower Garden is a vertical, aeroponic growing system that will grow up to 28 vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in less than three square feet. The Tower Garden will provide students with a daily opportunity to observe, collect data and journal the growing process as they learn to maintain their classroom garden. The students will also gain an understanding of the role technology and engineering innovation plays in modern food production. With 3-4 annual harvests, students will be provided the opportunity to touch, smell and eat what they have grown and experience the pride that comes with tending to their own crop.

How to Sign Up for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Image of pencils and paper with the words, "Parent Teacher Conferences Don't Forget to Sign Up"
  • Log into or on the Skyward icon in the top left corner of the website. If you do not know your login information, please call the Hudson Prairie Elementary Office and speak with Amy or Linda (715.377.3860). After one parent has selected a conference time, a second parent in the same family may login and join the same conference time, but cannot create a new time.
  • Choose your child and then click on Teacher Conferences in the blue menu list on the left-hand side.

  • To schedule a conference, click the All Conferences button after your child’s name.

  • Click on Select a Time.

  • Find the slot you would like to schedule, and click Select.

  • In the Select Time Slot window, make sure the date and time are correct for the slot you want to add, then click Save Selection.

  • The All Conferences Status will indicate Scheduled.

  • To remove or change a conference, click All Conferences and View Selected Times in the Scheduled Conference Times section.
  • Select Unschedule.

  • In the Deselect Time Slot window, make sure the date and time are correct for the slot you want to remove, and click save.

Tom Klatt Wins Ann Marie Grant for Plasma Cutting Software

Tech Ed. teacher using computer alongside metal cutting machine.

2020欧洲杯体育足球即时比分Congratulations to Tom Klatt, high school Technology Education and Project Lead the Way instructor, on being awarded a $1,774.00 Ann Marie Grant for CNC Plasma Cutting Software. This software allows students to intricately and accurately create designs and cut metal. The award will help purchase software and equipment to increase the number of student workstations from the current one to four.